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New Student Learning Outcomes


Communication: Effectively use language and non-verbal communication consistent with and appropriate to the audience and purpose.
· Reading: Read and comprehend written material critically and effectively at the appropriate program level.
· Writing: Write in a clear and organized fashion, at the appropriate program level, to explain ideas, to express feelings, and to support conclusions, claims, or theses.
· Speaking: Speak in an understandable and organized fashion to explain ideas, to express feelings, and to support conclusions, claims, or theses.
· Listening: Listen actively, respectfully, and critically to the substance of others' comments.

Cognition: Use critical thinking skills to analyze, synthesize, and evaluate ideas.
· Problem Solving: Identify and analyze real or potential problems and develop, test, and evaluate possible solutions, using the scientific method where appropriate.
· Creative Thinking: Formulate ideas and concepts in addition to using those of others.
· Quantitative Reasoning: Use appropriate program level mathematical concepts and methods to understand, analyze, and explain issues in quantitative terms.
· Application: Apply knowledge and skills to appropriate contexts and transfer knowledge and skills to new and varied situations.
· Resource Management: Identify, organize, and allocate resources effectively.

Information Competency: Conduct, present and use research necessary to achieve educational, professional, and personal objectives.
· Information Literacy: Use print materials, personal communications, observations, and electronic media to locate, retrieve, and evaluate information. Understand the ethical, social and legal issues surrounding the use of information.
· Technological Competency: Apply technology effectively to locate, interpret, organize and present information.

Social Responsibility: Interact with others demonstrating respect toward their opinions, feelings, and values.
· Teamwork: Participate actively in group efforts to seek effective results.
· Respect for Diversity: Display an understanding of and respect for other people and cultures.
· Effective Citizenship: Demonstrate responsibility for being an informed, ethical, and active citizen of Kauai, the nation, and world.

Personal Responsibility: Demonstrate self-management through practices that promote physical, mental, and emotional well-being.
· Ethics and Values: Demonstrate an understanding of ethical issues and a sense of values to make sound judgments and decisions.
· Aesthetic Appreciation: Create or show appreciation for artistic and individual expression.


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