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Counseling & Advising

At larger colleges there is a separation between Academic Advising and Counseling. Here at Kaua'i CC that person whom you will meet and work with is one in the same. You may also seek out the advise of faculty in your chosen field to provide you with information about your career choice.

The goal of Counseling in a college setting is to facilitate the process by which students choose appropriate courses and programs of study in order to earn a degree or certificate, transfer to a 4-year university, and or complete a vocational program.


  • Information about admissions and academic policies

  • Interpretation of placement test results

  • Course selection and explanation of: prerequisites, sequencing, transfer, etc.

  • Planning a program of study

  • Career exploration and planning

  • Personal concerns

Communication between you and your Counselor/Advisor is confidential. However, please be aware that counseling services can take place in an open arena where others may be able to overhear your conversation. If it is important to you that your concerns not be overheard, please inform your Counselor. Concerning academic records, we will use and protect your information in compliance with the Family Educational & Rights to Privacy Act (FERPA). There are several exceptions to confidentiality which are listed below:

1. If you pose a danger to yourself or others
2. If there is a reasonable suspicion of abuse or neglect of either a child or dependent elder
3. If a court of law issues a legitimate subpoena of your records
4. If we are approached by authorized federal officials for information related to national security and intelligence activities
5. If you have violated the Student Conduct Code
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