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EMERGENCY Response Plan
July 2010

To provide procedures/guidelines for responding to various natural and man-made caused emergencies at Kaua'i Community College. This plan is to be implemented whenever an emergency affecting the campus reaches proportions that cannot be handled by routine measures. The Chancellor, or his/her designee may declare a state of emergency and implement this Emergency Plan.

Definition of Emergencies

Minor Emergency:
Any incident, potential or actual, which will not seriously affect the functional capacity of the college. Report immediately to the Vice Chacellor of Administrative Services (Safety Officer) at 245-8230 (campus extension 230).

Major Emergency:
Any incident, potential or actual, which affects an entire building(s) and disrupts the overall operations of the college. Mass casualties and severe property damage may be sustained and a coordinated effort of all campus-wide resources is required to effectively control the situation. Outside emergency resources may be essential. Call emergency 9-911 (9 for outside line). Notify the Chancellor who will activate the college's Emergency Operations Center and the Emergency Response Team as needed. All campus personnel will be notified through the emergeny Alert Roster.


Emergency Resources

HEALTH Emergencies

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