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Financial Aid Distance Policy

Kaua'i CC is one of ten campuses in the University of Hawaii (UH) System. All ten campuses participate in distance learning. Distance education allows people to take courses without having to be in the same location as the teacher and/or other students. The Hawaii Interactive Television System (HITS), also known as (ITV) provides courses available on Kaua'i from UH-Manoa and other UH Community Colleges. 

Some programs are delivered on Kaua'i by teachers from another UH-System campus. Courses available on the Internet are a rapidly growing new form of delivering courses to students.  Students should talk to a Counselor regarding course availability and requirements. 

"It's not for every student.  It requires independence and a lot of self discipline,"

says Ron Heck, Chairman of the UH Department of Educational Administration. (Honolulu Advertiser, Sunday, December 26, 1999). 

The University Center, at our campus, provides students with assistance in taking distance education classes for upper and lower division courses.  There are selected degrees that students can complete without leaving the island of Kaua'i to attend a 4-year UH campus. 

Financial aid may be received only for courses applicable to your Kaua'i CC 2-year degree or 1-year certificate program.  A UH Distance Education Consortium Agreement (PDF) exists between the ten campuses which permits us to award you federal financial aid for courses applicable to your major at Kaua'i CC. You may receive financial aid from only one campus during your enrollment period. 

STEP 1: 

Meet with an Academic Advisor. Complete and return to FAO a distance course certification form. You must take at least one (3) credit Kaua'i CC course to receive financial aid. 

STEP 2: 

FAO will determine your eligibility and post the information on your MyUH Portal. If you can, pay for your distance class by the published deadlines to the other UH campus(es). If you cannot make payment to the other UH campus, contact Kaua'i CC FAO for help. Your financial aid awards will be released no earlier than 10 days before the first day of instruction to pay for the total applicable credits. 

STEP 3: 

Satisfactory academic progress must be met for all courses attempted including classes from another campus. It is your responsibility to attend and to complete courses you are receiving financial aid for.

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