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Financial Aid Forms

You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view and print these forms. Complete and return these forms to our office by mail or by delivering them in person. Please be sure that each requested form is completed and signed by all required parties before you turn them in.

Applying for Financial Aid - recommended for all students

2010-11 How to Apply-FAFSAweb(Cover Sheet) AND
2010-11 FAFSA Worksheet

How the disbursement process works! - required for all awarded students
2010-11 Disbursement Flyer

Verification Worksheet - for any student required to verify FAFSA information

2010-11 Verification Worksheet

Loan Request Forms - required for any interested student loan borrower

2010-11 Direct Student Loan Request Form (READ CAREFULLY)

Unsubsidized Stafford Loan Policy, effective 26-JUN-2009: Students must schedule an in-person interview when requesting unsubsidized loans. Be prepared to explain specific economic need and use of additional resources and your understanding of a borrower's responsibilities.

Distance Ed Form - for any student taking courses at another UH Campus

Kauai Distance Ed Form

Drug Worksheet - required if you received a comment message on your SAR

2010-11 Drug Conviction Worksheet

Campus On-Line Scholarship Application - for any interested student

2010-11 KauaiCC Scholarship Application   
Priority Deadline: February 15, 2010

Summer School Application

2009-10 Summer School Application

Suspension Appeal - for any student placed on Financial Aid Suspension
Deadline effective fall 2010 by the last day of the erase period (approximately 3 weeks into the semester.

SAP Appeal Form

Student On-Line Employment Application - for any interested student
Search for Open Jobs with your MyUH Username and Password at: SECE Web Site

Academic and related financial aid events
Several recommended websites to apply and search for scholarships
FA Policies
Academic progress, federal repayment, and distance classes. My Rights & Responsibilities.
student on cell phone
Apply for Financial Aid!

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