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Financial Aid Student Rights


  •    To be given courteous and considerate treatment, as well as dignity and respect

  •    To have all of your records and data treated confidentially 

  •    To have a timely response to your requests for services 

  •    To voice a complaint or make a comment or suggestion on any aspect  of our office 

  •    To an explanation of how your financial aid eligibility was determined.  

  •    To accept or decline any or all types of financial aid you have been offered. 

  •    To cancel a loan you have already accepted during the current academic year 

  •    To be provided with a copy of the college's policies regarding satisfactory academic progress or withdrawals and refunds

  •    To appeal a decision made by our office or to provide us with new or additional information that may affect your aid eligibility 


  • To be courteous and considerate when communicating with the Financial Aid Office

  • To read and understand all information provided by the Financial Aid Office

  • To provide accurate information (such as updates to your enrollment status, housing, major, outside aid, etc.) in a timely manner

  • To use financial aid funds only for expenses related to your cost of enrollment at our college

  • To make satisfatory academic progress towards your degree objective.

  • To repay any loans advanced to you according to the terms of your promissory note

  • To attend an exit interview prior to leaving the college (if you received a loan)

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