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Summer Financial Aid 2013



Summer financial aid eligibility is based upon the number of credits you enrolled in Fall & Spring semesters as well as how much financial aid you received for those semesters.




1- Summer tuition for most classes is higher and financial aid awards may not cover your full balance. Remember, you will have other costs such as books, fees and supplies.

2- You must register for at least 1 credit from Kaua`i CC in order to receive financial aid from our institution.

3- If you were full time in both fall and spring, you should NOT be eligible for any grants.

4- If you received the yearly maximum loan limits, you will NOT be eligible for any student loans. If you are eligible for loans you will need to be enrolled in at least 6 credits during summer. Loans will be split into two separate disbursements.

Yearly loan limits are stated below:

a. Dependent students – $5500-Freshman, $6500-Sophmore

b. Independent students- $9500-Freshman, $10500-Sophmore




1- Complete and turn in a Summer 2013 Application to the Financial Aid Office. You must register for summer classes prior to completing this form.

2- You will be notified within approximately 2 weeks by an email to your UH portal.

3- No funds will be released until June 2. Your spring 2013 grades will be reviewed prior to release of summer funds.

4- If you are placed on financial aid suspenion, your summer financial aid will be cancelled. You will be responsible for either paying for tuition charges out of pocket, or withdrawaing from your classes prior to the deadline to receive a 100% refund.

5- If your enrollment changes, you must notify our office. Your eligibility may change and you may owe back funds.

If you have any questions contact us at 245-8360.







Please remember that communication from our office is sent to your UH portal.  Check your UH email on a regular basis.

We are no longer mailing paper letters.

What is Financial Aid?


Financial aid helps students and their families pay for college. This financial assistance covers educational expenses including tuition and fees, room and board, books and supplies, and transportation. There are several types of financial aid, including grants and scholarships, work study and loans. Financial aid awards may include a combination of the various types of aid.

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