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Life Skills Instructions




Kaua'i Community College and USA Funds have partnered up to offer you a free online learning program that offers advice for managing your time and money wisely on campus and after graduation.  With 30 lessons to choose from, you’ll be sure to find the information you need to get a handle on your personal finances. 

Certain lessons are mandatory for first-time loan borrowers and students who are submitting academic appeals.  Lessons are also open to any students who are interested in financial education (budgeting, credit reports, time management, etc). 

Use the following directions to create an account and get started today!

Log In

1) Visit the USA Funds Life Skills site.

2) Click “Request a new account” in the Login box to create your account

3) Complete all of the information.

a. Student ID:  This can be your ID # or MyUH username.  Please be sure it is correct so we can identify you correctly!

b. School Code: 00161400

c.Student Access Code:*Choose the access code(s) based on your reason for doing the Life Skills.  If you need to input multiple student access codes click on ‘My Account’ after you have completed your initial login.


Get Started

1) Select “My Catalog” from the navigation menu.

2) Click on the name of the lesson and click “Enroll” on the right side of the screen. Complete the lessons required for your situation (See Below).

3) Please remove any pop-up blockers.  If pages are not showing please see if a pop-up blocker is preventing access to web pages.

4) Click “Next” to advance through the lesson.

5) Complete the Lesson Challenge quiz at the end of the lesson.


If You Are Completing Life Skills Lessons to Fullfill a Requirement, Select From the Lists Below:

  • First Time Loan Borrowers:

Access Code: 00161400-02

Lesson #’s (Complete 2 out of the 6 lessons offered):
#101- How Will I Pay for My Higher Education?

#203- How Do I live on a Budget While I'm in School?
#304- Where Does My Paycheck Go?

#401- How Do I Manage My Credit Card Score?

#402- What Do Credit Scores Mean to Me?

#703- Couple Talk: How Can We Have a Life With So Little Money?


  • Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP Appeal)

    Access Code: 00161400-03

    Lesson #’s (Complete both lessons offered):
    #204- How Do I Manage My School Life?
    #205- How do I manage my personal life while in school?


  • All Financial Literacy Courses-Available to any student

    Access Code: 00161400-01


FAQ’s and Problems

  1. I’m having problems signing in or creating a username/password?
    Answer: Please contact LIFE SKILLS customer service directly at 1
    (800) 766-0084.  The financial aid office cannot help with username/password issues.
  2. I need to input more access codes?
    Answer:  Once you have signed in, click on ‘My Account’ and you can enter additional codes in the ‘Student Access Codes’ field.  Access codes are not only used by the financial aid office but also by various departments around campus.
  3. How do I know if I completed my lesson(s)?
    Answer:You can check which lessons have been completed by clicking on ‘My Transcript’ from the main page.


If you require assistance in reading the content on the USA Funds Life Skills Website, please contact the Financial Aid Office at 245-8360. To assure this accommodation as a student at Kaua`i Community College, your request must be made in a timely manner, as it takes approximately one week to contact a reader.


Please remember that communication from our office is sent to your UH portal.  Check your UH email on a regular basis.

We are no longer mailing paper letters.


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