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Business Education




Business Education: Major areas include Accounting; Business Technology; Culinary Arts; and Hospitality and Tourism. These areas of emphasis may lead to a Certificate of Competence, a Certificate of Completion, a Certificate of Achievement, or an Associate in Applied Science Degree.






Certificate of Achievement
32-35 credits



Gainful Employment Disclosure information for the Accounting CA program


ACC 124* Principles of Accounting I 3

ACC 125* Principles of Accounting II 3

ACC 132 Payroll and Hawai‘i General Excise Taxes 3

ACC 134 Income Tax Preparation 3

BUSN 89 Electronic Calculating 1
BUSN 160 Telephone Techniques and Communications 1
BUSN 161B Customer Service – Basic Concepts 1
BUSN 166 Professional Employment Preparation 1

BUSN 193V Cooperative Education 1

*ACC 201 fulfills the requirements for ACC 124 and ACC 125.
Also, ACC 199V or ACC 299V is recommended each semester to supplement ACC courses.

Computer/Technology (Two of the following) 6
BUSN 121, BUSN 123, BUSN 130; ICS 100, ICS 101

Oral Communication (One of the following) 3
See Core Options list

Thinking, Reasoning/Mathematics (Two of the following) 6
BUSN 189; MATH 103, MATH 115; PHIL 110

Written Communication (One of the following) 3
See Core Options list.
Recommended: BUS 75; BUSN 180, BUSN 181; ENG 215


TOTAL 32-35


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