On November 25, 2005,
our club was invited to do canoe paddling with Mr. Kimo Chun and KCC students Justin, Preston, and Sua:

Justin, Preston, and Kimo seem skeptical about our

paddling abilities

    Why, don't we look like hard-core paddlers?        
Before we could go into the water we first had to learn about the different parts of the canoe and the different responsibilities, or kuleana of the paddlers.
    Kimo explained the significance of this for Hawaiians        
    The next thing we had to do was to learn how to paddle.?        
    Here you can see Kimo teaching Lisha the best way to hold her paddle:?        
    Like this Lisha        
When we were ready it was time for us to

put the canoe into the water:

    And off we went        
    And here we are afterward:        

From L-R: Kimo, Uncle Mike, Megumi, Taka, Kimo,

Aek (w/ paddle), Justin, Sua, Lisha, Preston, Marcel.