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Nursing Program Outcomes

Competencies, Student Learning Outcomes (New Curriculum starting 2010)


1.  A competent nurse's professional actions are based on core nursing values,

     professional standards of practice, and the law. (ILSO Personal Responsibility)

2.  A competent nurse develops insight through reflective practice, self-analysis, and self-

     care. (ILSO Personal Responsibility)

3.  A competent nurse engages in ongoing self-directed learning and provides care based

     on evidence supported by research. (ILSOs  Cognition, Information Competency,

     Social & Personal Responsibility)

4.  A competent nurse demonstrates leadership in nursing and health care. (ILSO Social


5.  A competent nurse collaborates as part of a health care team. (ILSOs Communication,

     Social Responsibility)

6.  A competent nurse practices within, utilizes, and contributes to the broader health care

     system (including the Global Community). (ILSO Social Responsibility)

7.  A competent nurse practices client-centered care. (ILSOs Communication, Cognition,

     Information Competency, Social Responsibility)

8.  A competent nurse communicates and uses communication technology effectively.

     (ILSO Communication)

9.  A competent nurse demonstrates clinical judgment / critical thinking in the delivery of

     care of clients while maintaining safety. (ILSO Cognition)


Institution Student Learning Outcomes (ISLOs)  

Program Outcomes

The overall program outcomes include graduating a multi-cultural student group that has demonstrated accomplishment of the stated program objectives, is capable of completing the NCLEX-RN with a passing score, and is able to assume employment as an RN in areas of nursing found in our community.

Desired program outcomes are:

1.  The graduating class will reflect the multicultural mix of Kaua`i.

2.  Eighty-five percent (85%) of graduating students will pass the NCLEX-RN on the first try.

3.  Seventy-five percent (75%) of the graduates desiring employment as an RN will be

     employed as an RN in the state of Hawai`i in various health care settings within one year

     of graduation.

4.  The graduating class will be comprised of generic students and at least 10% returning


5.  Eighty percent (80%) of students enrolled in NURS 210 within 15 days of the beginning of

     the semester will complete the Certificate of Achievement as a Practical Nurse within 2

     academic years.

6.  Sixty percent (60%) of students enrolled in Nursing 210 within 15 days of the beginning of

     the semester will complete the Associate Degree within 5 academic years.

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