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Students entering the Kauai Community College Nursing Program are drawn from a multicultural pool and reflect the unique cultural mix of Kauai. The Program strives to create classes from eligible applicants that reflect Kauai's ethnic mix. Over the last decade graduating classes have had a representative mix of male and female students with Caucasian, Hawaiian, Filipino, Chinese, Japanese, Black and persons with other ethnic/racial backgrounds. The average age of students is about 27 years though the Nursing Program advocates for entry of gifted graduating high school students. Many students enter the Nursing Program after raising a family; for a career change from another profession i.e...law, social work, business; to improve work opportunities; or straight out of high school.

Alumni Comments

Darcy Allen - RN Class of 2000The KCC Nursing program has given me a sense of professional pride and integrity regarding the nursing profession. Additionally, the nursing program provided me with a solid knowledge base in order to build a career. The special opportunities offerred such as Advanced EKG and ACLS has enabled me to attain a job in the specialty of my choice. I encourage anyone interested in nursing to consider the KCC Nursing Program.

Cashmere Lopez - RN Class of 1992
The Kauai Community College's Nursing program gave me a solid foundation which enabled me to excel in all aspects of nursing.  It also prepared me to become and active and competitive students at UH Manoa's Baccalaureate Nursing Program.  I am proud to say that I am a graduate of Kauai Community College. (Cash is now a Nursing Instructor at KCC. She completed her BSN at UH Manoa and is scheduled to complete her Master's in May 2001.)

 Debra Dannog - LPN Class of 1996
Graduating from the best nursing program in the State of Hawaii gave me the opportunity to choose the different fields of nursing where I could work, get a good paying job

and support my two children.

Mark Whitehill - RN Class of 1990
I entered Kauai Community College as an adult interested in becoming a nurse.  Kauai Community College, recognizing the special educational needs of adults in college, made it possible for me to earn an Associate Degree in Nursing.  Since I graduated I have helped build a home health agency staffed with a number of Kauai Community College graduates.  The Nursing Program played a major part in the development of the staff and therefore the agency.  Without Kauai Community College we wouldn't be here doing what we' re doing today.

Mary Beth Terheggen - Class of 1976
The Kauai Community college Nursing Program gave me the education and clinical training to prepare me for a broad career in nursing.  I have had many opportunities in my 20 years of practice at Wilcox Hospital which range from Medical Surgical to Emergency Room to Same Day Surgery.  I am currently training for Post Anesthesia Care.  The Kauai Community College Nursing Program is important as it provides nurses for our community.

The Kauai Community College Nursing Program Provides Graduates with Many Varied and Rich Opportunities for Practice.
  • Graduates gain experience in Kauai's rural community hospitals where they gain the expertise to function as  "generalist" practitioners in both acute and long term care.
  • Graduates also receive an extensive exposure to rural community health practice through clinical rotations in community social and health agencies as well as community based clinics.
  • Graduates have clinical exposure in an urban referral hospital for pediatric rotations Placement Rates

Over the last five years graduates from the Kauai Community College Nursing Program have have found employment in the field of nursing within 9 months of graduation at a 95% rate.  This represents both graduates seeking employment on-island, in the State of Hawaii, and on the mainland.

Continuation into Baccalaureate Education

Graduates of the Kauai Community College Nursing Program easily transfer into Baccalaureate Education.  The content in nursing and general education courses is accepted by most upper division schools of nursing and since the Kauai Community College Nursing Program is fully National League for Nursing accredited transfer of credits is supported.

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