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KauaiCC Computer Services




Computer Services provides students, faculty, and staff at Kauai Community College with a centralized point of contact for computer help. 






Online services offered by UH & Kauai Community College make your university experience more convenient. A user account (username and password) is required for you to use any online service (such as registering for courses, using computer labs or checking email.) For Kauai Community College, this user account is called your UH Username.

You must activate your UH Username before you can use your UH Email Account.   Please visit UH Username Practices to check on the eligibility requirements and the procedures on how to get your UH Username.  After your UH Username is activated, your email address is your UH Username with @hawaii.edu (e.g. Joe Aloha's email address will be (joealoha@hawaii.edu.)  Your UH Email Account (username@hawaii.edu) is used for important campus news and updates and should be checked periodically.




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