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Business Education: Major areas include Accounting; Business Technology; Culinary Arts; and Hospitality and Tourism. These areas of emphasis may lead to a Certificate of Competence, a Certificate of Completion, a Certificate of Achievement, or an Associate in Applied Science Degree.





The mission of Career Technical Education at Kauai Community College is to provide residents of Kauai and Niihau quality education which will prepare them for the global marketplace.


To promote positive work ethics and attitudes stressing team-building, curiosity, accountability, cultural understanding, positive interpersonal skills, and professionalism.

Our objective is to provide opportunities for you--our customers/students--to develop character, which enables you to cooperate, to persevere, and to become respected and trusted members of our society.
In addition, we support our future employers--also our customers--who will have to pay to obtain the benefit of our students= education.
This document focuses on developing and refining interpersonal skills and personal qualities:

  • Interpersonal Skills--working in teams, mentoring others, attaining a customer-centric focus, developing leadership qualities, negotiating, and working well with people from culturally diverse backgrounds.
  • Personal Qualities--individual responsibility, self-esteem, sociability, self-management, integrity, and ethical behavior.
  • Responsible, self-managed students (as well as employees and citizens) will demonstrate professionalism and appropriate business etiquette in the classroom and workplace through the following skills and attitudes.


  • Attending class daily, arriving on time, and staying for the duration are expected.
  • Focus on maintaining good health to minimize sick leave time--eat right, get adequate sleep, and exercise regularly.
  • It is the students responsibility to inform the instructor of anticipated or unavoidable absences.
  • Inform your instructor by phone (leave a voice mail message if no answer), by e-mail, or in person. Include a description of the cause of the absence and what is being done to complete all work required to keep current. (In extenuating circumstances only, a student may petition to have an absence excused.)

Your final course grade will be lowered one letter grade once you have exceeded the following:

  • two absences in semester-length courses meeting one or two times per week.
  • three absences in semester-length courses meeting three times per week.
  • four absences in semester-length courses meeting four times per week.
  • five absences in semester-length courses meeting five times per week.
  • one absence in modular-scheduled courses meeting for five weeks.
  • two absences in block-scheduled courses meeting for eight weeks.
  • two tardies equal one absence.
  • A student who fails to withdraw formally by the published deadline will receive an F grade for the course.

ATTITUDE (How You Look at People and Things; How You React to People and Things; Respect for People and Things)

  • At the workplace, you deal with internal customers (your co-workers) and external customers (your patrons, clients, and customers); in the classroom, similar relationships exist.
  • Being friendly, courteous, and cooperative is expected.
  • Saying Please and Thank You are valued.
  • Refreshing smiles are valued.
  • Profanity is inappropriate.
  • Public displays of affection (PDAs) are inappropriate.
  • Unless otherwise directed, address your instructors by their personal or professional titles (Chef Martina, Mr. Stuck, Professor Tabuchi)


  • Personal hygiene is expected. This means cleanliness from head to toe--clean hair, hands, nails, body, feet and shoes, clothes.
  • Avoid excessive cologne/perfume, jewelry, makeup, body piercing, tattoos.
  • Avoid gum chewing and munching.
  • Use alert, assertive posture. Avoid slouching.
  • Avoid clacking slippers.
  • Wear conservative attire (appropriate for classroom and worksite).
  • Avoid extremes--bare midriffs, low cut tops, super short skirts/shorts, tank tops, hats, baggy pants and shirts.

HONESTY (Integrity)

  • Be honest. Do not lie, cheat, or steal.
  • Avoid plagiarism. It is expected that every student prepare his/her own work and demonstrate honesty within the classroom. Copying and using the work as your own is plagiarism.
  • If you are borrowing information from someone else (from book, magazine, Internet, video, newspaper article, etc.), give the original author credit through proper citation.
  • Respect business and friendship confidentiality. Private, confidential discussions of friendship and work should not be breached.


  • Phones, pagers, laptops, and other technological devices  should be turned off or on silent mode unless it is being used for note-taking or classroom-related activities.
  • Children should not be brought into the classroom, nor should they be left unattended outside. Make sure your backup systems are in place for child care before you take on the commitment of school or work.
  • Spouses, significant others, and other guests are unwelcome in the classroom and the worksite.


  • Adhere to deadlines or suffer the consequences.
  • In some instances, no assignment/test make ups are allowed.
  • In some instances, assignments/tests can be submitted before the due date without penalty.
  • In extenuating circumstances only, assignment/test make ups are allowed after the deadline, but the grade will be lowered one letter grade.


  • Standard English proficiency is encouraged.
  • Avoid profanity.


  • Inform your families to contact Counseling and Advising at 808-245-8212 in the event of an emergency.


  • A substance-free (drugs, alcohol, smoking) classroom and worksite is expected. For assistance with health-related issues, please check out the following link: Health and Wellness Center or on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/KCC.CWC


  • Refer to published division and/or campus policies.
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