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The Liberal Arts program combines studies that develop general intellectual capacities, such as reason or judgment, rather than specific professional, vocational, or technical capacities. These studies encourage students to think clearly and creatively, to seek and assess information, to communicate effectively, to take pleasure in learning, to learn to adapt to change, and to live more consciously, responsibly, and humanely.







Basic Requirements: 11 credits


HAW 101 Elementary Hawaiian I 4
HAW 102 Elementary Hawaiian II 4
HWST 107 Hawai‘i: Center of the Pacific 3

Electives: 15 credits (At least one course must be taken from each of the following areas)

Hawaiian Environment:
BIOL 123 Introduction to Science: The Hawaiian Environment 3
BIOL 123L Hawaiian Environment Science Laboratory 1
BOT 105 Ethnobotany 3
BOT 130 Plants in the Hawaiian Environment 3
BOT 130L Plants in the Hawaiian Environment Laboratory 1
HWST 251 Mahi‘ai Kalo (Taro Cultivation) 3
HWST 281 Hawaiian Astronomy and Weather Relating to Polynesian Voyaging 3
HWST 285 Hawaiian Medicinal Herbs I: La‘au Lapa‘au 4
HWST 295 Hawaiian Medicinal Herbs II: La‘au Lapa‘au 3

Hawaiian Language:
HAW 201 Intermediate Hawaiian I 4
HAW 202 Intermediate Hawaiian II 4
HAW 221 Introduction to Hawaiian Conversation 3
HAW 222 Introduction to Hawaiian Composition 3
HAW 262 Survey of Hawaiian Writings 3

Culture, History, and Arts:
ANTH 220  Prehistory of Hawai`i  3

HAW 261 Hawaiian Literature in English 3
HWST 111 The Hawaiian ‘Ohana 3
HWST 128 Hula and Chant 3

HWST 177  Hawaiian Music in Transition  3
HWST 199V Special Studies 1-3
HWST 290 Rediscovering Polynesian Connections 3
HWST 299V Special Studies 1-3
HIST 284 History of the Hawaiian Islands 3
HIST 284K History of Kaua‘i 3
REL 205 Understanding Hawaiian Religion 3


Total  26




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