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Trade Technology (Electronics)

Students in the Digital Media Arts:  Digital Graphic Design program will receive instruction in graphics hardware and software;  digital imaging;  print preparation; page layout and design;  desktop publishing;  and applicable principles of graphic design for print,  video, interactive multimedia, and web graphics.  Students will receive a solid foundation in elements of art and principles of design. Students will receive academic and career training,  which assist the student in finding and retaining employment.




Certificate of Completion (DMA: Digital Graphic Design): 21 credits


Gainful Employment Disclosure information for the Digital Media Arts: Digital Graphic Design program

ART 107D Introduction to Digital Photography 3
ART 112 Introduction to Digital Arts 3
ART 115 Introduction to 2D Design 3
ART 125 Introduction to Graphic Design 3
ART 225 Intermediate Graphic Design 3
ART 229 Interface Design I 3

Electives (Choose from the following) 3
ART 113 Introduction to Drawing (3)
ART 157 Introduction to Digital Video/Storytelling (3)

ART 190B Introduction to Adobe Photoshop® (1)
ART 207D Intermediate Digital Photography (3)
ART 249 Interface Design II (3)



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