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Electronics Technology Program

Cisco Certified Networking


The Electronics Technology program offers learning opportunities that allow students to develop competencies necessary for entry, retention, and advancement in occupations requiring knowledge of electronics, computer technology, networking, information technology, and telecommunications. Graduates may proceed forward into Electronics or Computer Engineering Technology baccalaureate programs or enter the workforce as entry-level technicians.





Students will develop an understanding of basic DC/AC/Semiconductor circuits and digital electronics enabling further studies of advanced circuits, computer hardware, networking, operating systems, and telecommunications systems. Enhancement of technical skills, the development of critical thinking, attention to quality, improved written and verbal communication skills, and the growth of interpersonal skills are some of the expected outcomes. Internships at local high tech companies are encouraged, as are external certifications such as the CCNA/CCNP and A+.

The program is articulated with similar programs (CENT, ECET, ETRON) on other University of Hawaii two-year campuses on the neighbor islands allowing transfer after the first year of study.

Project or Academy courses allow students to pursue a variety of technology courses in the credit or non-credit modes.

  • Project course—modularized, self-study CAI-based courses or student-proposed projects.
  • Cisco Networking Academy (CCNA/CCNP certification training)
  • Information Technology Academy Technology Center (photo-voltaics, electric vehicles,
    and hydrogen fuel cells, GPS/GIS).

Certificates and Degrees: The program offers Certificates of Competence in Electronics (8 credits), in Cisco I (6 credits), and in Cisco II (6 credits); a Certificate of Achievement (37 credits); and an Associate in Applied Science Degree (66 credits).

Admission requirements: Students may begin the program only at the beginning of the program cycle. Mid-cycle entry is allowed if the student has sufficient coursework from accredited or articulated institutions or from military training schools. Applicants will be admitted on a “first applied, first qualified” basis.

Program Admission Requirements:
(1) Placement into ENG 100; (2) placement in MATH 103; (3) or approval of instructor.

The program cycle begins in the fall of odd numbered years. The mid-cycle cohort begins in the fall of even numbered years. Students may enter the program during these times.

A GPA of 2.0 or higher for all courses applicable toward the degree or certificates is required to meet graduation requirements.


Electronics Technology Program Student Learning Outcomes (PSLOs)

1. An appropriate mastery of the knowledge, techniques, and skills in the use of contemporary tools of electronics technology.
2. Theoretical and technical knowledge and an ability to understand components, analyze systems, and the control processes that govern the outcomes of systems for purposes of operation, maintenance, and improvement.
3. An ability to apply current technical knowledge in the analysis and solution of technical problems.
4. An ability to function effectively on teams interacting with all levels of personnel, fully participating, and adding to the dynamics of the group.
5. An ability to communicate effectively orally, in writing, and by means of the various electronic communication devices.
6. An ability to understand professional, ethical, and social responsibilities showing a respect for diversity and an awareness of contemporary professional, societal, and global issues.
7. A commitment to quality, timeliness, and continuous professional improvement with the ability to adapt to emerging technologies.


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