Kaua'i Community College

Electronics Technology Program

Cisco Certified Networking


The Electronics Technology program offers learning opportunities that allow students to develop competencies necessary for entry, retention, and advancement in occupations requiring knowledge of electronics, computer technology, networking, information technology, and telecommunications. Graduates may proceed forward into Electronics or Computer Engineering Technology baccalaureate programs or enter the workforce as entry-level technicians.





Certificate of Achievement: 33 credits


Gainful Employment Disclosure information for the ETRO-CA program
ETRO 120 Electronics I 5
ETRO 120L Electronics I Laboratory 2
ETRO 121 Electronics Fabrication and Assembly 2
ETRO 122 Electronics II 5
ETRO 122L Electronics II Laboratory 2
ETRO 143 Digital Electronics 3
ETRO 143L Digital Electronics Laboratory 1
ICS 101 Digital Tools for the Information World 3
ICS 111 Introduction to Computer Science I 4

Oral Communication (One of the following) 3
BUS 130 Business Communications – Oral (3)
SP 151 Personal and Public Speech (3)
SP 231 Performance of Literature (3)

Written Communication (One of the following) 3
BUS 175 Business Communications – Written (3)
ENG 100 Composition I (3)
ENG 106 Technical Writing (3)
JOUR 205 Newswriting (3)
or any Writing Intensive course



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