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Facilities Engineering Technology Program

Facilities Engineering


The Facilities Engineering Technology program will prepare individuals for employment in jobs requiring multiple maintenance competencies. These competencies will allow graduates to obtain general maintenance positions in a variety of industries. Graduates will have gained knowledge in electrical applications and practices; refrigeration and air conditioning systems; and drywall, painting, and construction methods.




Program Admission Requirements:
(1) Placement in ENG 21 or higher and MATH 22 or higher; (2) “C” or higher in CARP 20B; or (3) approval of instructor.

Facilities Engineering Technology Program Student Learning Outcomes (PSLOs)

  • Read and understand blueprints sufficiently to use them
    to plan a project.

  • Select materials properly for a given project.

  • Maintain and care for the tools required in the construction and maintenance industry.

  • Know and utilize Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and State safety regulations to minimize risk and protect self and others.

  • Communicate successfully orally and in writing using computer technology.

  • Understand proper mechanical, electrical, and carpentry codes and standards applicable to construction and repair.

  • Understand and demonstrate the craftsmanship standards of dependability, punctuality, and quality.

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