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What Are the Liberal Arts?

The liberal arts are the studies that develop general intellectual capacities, such as reason or judgement, rather than specific professional, vocational, or technical capacities. These studies encourage students to think clearly and creatively, to seek and assess information, to communicate effectively, to take pleasure in learning, to learn to adapt to change, and to live more consciously, responsibly, and humanely.

The Liberal Arts program at Kaua'i Community College includes the Language, Arts, and Humanities Division (LAH) and the Science and Math Division (SAM).

The Language Arts, and Humanities Division offers courses in the humanities, or those branches of learning regarded as having primarily a cultural character, including language, literature, history, philosophy, art, music, speech, and so on.

What is crucial in today's world of rapid change is not specialized training but the ability to think critically and make sound judgements. A student's best career preparation may be one that emphasizes general understanding and intellectual curiosity. The liberal arts develop these abilities and qualities of thought.

The Liberal Arts Program at Kaua'i Community College leads to an Associate in Arts Degree, which may represent the first two years of a Bachelor's Degree. Students intending to earn a Bachelor's Degree at the University of Hawaii or another four-year university or college should consider working toward an Associate in Arts Degree. An advisor in a student's chosen field can be of assistance in the transition into a four-year university or college.


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