Computer Literacy



Skills for the Information Age

In today's technological society, attaining computer literacy can greatly enhance academic as well as professional success.  Computer skills usually are required for college classes, email is a flourishing means of communication, and assignments that include Internet research are common.  Many courses also are conducted either wholly or partially online, using specialized software for students to interact with one another and their instructors, view assignments, and take quizzes and exams.  

Tutoring Services has computers, a printer, Internet access, and a variety of hardware, software, and online resources.   Individual and group tutorials are provided on such topics as how to use email, save and store data, use software such as Excel and PowerPoint, and many others.  In addition, workshops are held periodically on a variety of technology topics; if you have a specific request for a future workshop, let us know and we'll be happy to try to schedule it.  Whatever your computer and technology needs, the Tutoring Services staff is here to help! For more information, call (808) 245-8341.


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