Learning Center Goals

The arrival of the 21st century is expected to bring challenges which will have a direct impact on higher education. Technology today advances at a rate higher than at any other time in history. It has compelled us to change our life styles and how we work.

Forecasters of the 21st century claim that in the next millennium the work force must possess "beyond basic skills," self-management skills, interpersonal skills, learning skills, and technological competencies to be gainfully employed. Higher education is expected to meet these labor force requirements.

The Learning Center (TLC) at Kauai Community College is committed to providing learning assistance to meet the diverse needs of the student population and help facilitate student success. It is imperative, therefore, that TLC maintains its comprehensive role while strengthening its ability to provide assistance to all students and support the faculty, staff and administration. It must become an efficient, student-centered and service-oriented operation that supports student success.

The Learning Center's Mission for the Decade and the 21st Century
To help empower students to become efficient, confident, and independent learners and develop requisite skills they need to succeed in obtaining their academic, career, and personal goals, thus enabling them to lead self-directed and productive lives now and in the 21st century.

Goals to Achieve The Learning Center's Mission

  1. To provide resources and assistance to segments of the student population who need to improve their academic skills so that they may attain successful experiences in post secondary education, thus empowering them to become productive members of society.
  2. To support the faculty, staff, and administration in the effort to prepare students to be creative and analytical thinkers, system thinkers, problem solvers, and creative citizens.
  3. To continue to work with Instruction and Student Services so that students will increase their chances to master basic concepts and develop attitudes and skills required for life-long learning and gainful employment.
  4. To encourage and promote the use of technology for instructional delivery and to teach students technological skills needed by an educated citizenry.
  5. To recognize, cultivate, and promote an evolving inquiry-centered learning environment, and to encourage students to be actively involved in the learning process.

The Learning Center's Plans and Activities to Achieve Goals
To achieve the above goals, TLC will maintain its current services and intensify its effort to provide activities designed to help students acquire or improve the following skills to prepare them for successful lives and careers this decade and in the 21st century.

Beyond Basic Skills
Students will need "beyond basic skills" if they are to pursue an academic program or engage in gainful employment. We offer tutorial assistance and/or individualized instruction, and workshops to assist students improve or enhance their academic skills. TLC has organized and developed Self Instructional Programs to support students as they work toward gaining higher level skills. These resources may be used independently or with the assistance of TLC staff.

Computer/technological literacy
Student empowerment must include teaching or helping students to understand the role and impact of technology upon our world and help them assume the responsibility associated with living in the technologically-oriented Information Age. TLC, therefore, feels it is imperative to teach students to use technology as a tool for obtaining and organizing information, and for communicating and expressing themselves creatively. TLC offers tutorials and workshops relating to these.

Self-Management and Interpersonal Skills
The future labor market will need employees who can apply their knowledge and skills and are able to make appropriate descisions in varying circumstances. Students need to achieve personal growth and gain transferrable self-management and interpersonal skills. These may include self-esteem, self-motivation, time management, resourcefulness, communication, and decision and problem-solving skills. TLC will offer workshops and resources in self-management and interpersonal skills.

Learning Skills
Students need to become life-long learners. Life-long learning involves acquiring the skill to interpret, analyze and use or apply a variety of data. TLC will continue to promote the learning-how-to-learn process and teach specific learning skills through individualized instruction, small group and in-class workshops.


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