Tutoring Contacts & Location

Tutoring Services is located in Learning Commons area in the Learning Resource Center (LRC) building, in the Library.  The appointment and general information phone number is 245-8341.

Our staff include:

Tina Castro

Writing Lab, Tutoring, ESL


Phone: 245-8341

email: tcastro4@hawaii.edu


Ed Coll

Instructional Technology

Phone: 245-8215
email: edcoll@hawaii.edu




Will Dressler

Instructor/Developmental English

& College Success Coordinator

Phone: 245-8292

email:  dressler@hawaii.edu



Our mailing address is:

Tutoring Services and College Success
Kauai Community College
3-1901 Kaumualii Highway
Lihue, HI, 96766-9500









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Kaua'i Community College
3-1901 Kaumualii Highway, Lihue, Hi 96766-9500
Phone: (808) 245-8311