Tutorial Assistance
What is Tutorial Assistance?
Tutoring Services provides assistance in all levels of math and in many subject areas. The program goal is to help students become independent, self-confident, and efficient learners by providing the assistance they need and helping them improve their chances to succeed in their courses and attain personal and academic goals.

Who Needs Tutorial Assistance?
The program is open to all students who can benefit from the services provided. These may include students who need special assistance to survive a course, students who want to maximize their learning and get higher grades, and students who need assistance because they do not have enough confidence in themselves or in their ability to learn.

Who are the Tutors?
Peer Tutors (Click here to see who's tutoring this semester!)
Peer tutors are students who meet the minimum and desirable qualities required of tutors. They have taken and excelled in courses they tutor and are recommended by their instructors. These students enjoy learning and maintain satisfactory academic progress. They are trained prior to assuming their duties.

Faculty Tutors
They are dedicated instructors who find time outside the classroom to give the extra help students need in their own subject areas or in other courses. They either volunteer a set time in The Learning Center or tutor students in their offices.

How to Apply for Tutorial Assistance
Tutoring Services requires each student who needs tutorial assistance to complete and submit a demographic information form. Students will need to make appointments to meet with a tutor, although "walk-ins" are served when tutors are available. The color-coded sign-up sheet, tutors' work schedules, and tutor subject areas are posted on the board near Tutoring Services area front desk. Students are expected to keep their appointments or call to cancel their appointments when they cannot meet with tutors.

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