What is the Wai'ale'ale project at KCC?

The Wai'ale'ale project is a very special program funded by a generous donor allowing residents of Kaua'i and Ni'ihau an opportunity to try college for free. The program provides scholarships and academic support to participants to attain certificates and associates degrees at Kaua'i Community College or just to try taking a few college courses! If you have not considered a college education because of financial constraints this may be the program for you!


How do I apply?

To apply, submit an application by April 14, 2014 for enrollment in the Fall session.  Enrollment applications can be found here.


Do I need to have somebody submit a referral form to support my application?

To help establish your eligibility for the program it is highly recommended that you have a referral form completed and submitted by somebody who can attest to your eligibility.  Examples of people who might do this are counselors, advisors, teachers, employers, trainers, etc.  Please note that all referrals must be submitted by by April 14, 2014.   Referral forms can be found here.


How do I learn more about the Wai'ale'ale Project?
Please contact the Wai'ale'ale coordinator at 245-8328.

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