The Pamantasan Club - 1998 Constitution

The Organization

Section 1:   This shall be an organization of students of Filipino ancestry and others officially registered at Kauai Community College, and it shall be called the Pamantasan (Higher Education) Club.

Purpose of the Organization

Section 1:   To serve as a support group for minority students who are planning to enter a baccalaureate or graduate school program.


Section 1:   Any student of Kauai Community College with Filipino ancestry, foreign background, or any other student of the college interested in furthering their education shall be eligible for membership. Membership may be extended to the faculty, staff, and other students in the University of Hawaii system who desire to support the organization.

Section 2:   Membership fee will be $2.00 per semester, or $4.00 a year. Fees are non-refundable and must be submitted to the treasurer within 15 days after signing up.

Officers of the Organization

Section 1:   The elected officers of this organization shall be the President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer. A Public Relations Officer may be appointed by the elected officers within two weeks after an election.

Section 2:   The term of office shall be one (1) year with elections to be held at the beginning of the fall semester. Should an officer vacate a position in the spring, a special election will be held to fill that one position.

Section 3:   The President shall preside at all meetings including those of the executive board. The President's responsibilities include the general supervision over the activities and prgorams of the organization, execution of all duties necessary to the office of the president that are required of the position, and serving as an ex-officionmember of all standing committees. The President will plan to attend all ASKCC meetings or to appoint a representative from the club.

Section 4:   The Vice President shall supervise all standing committees. S(he) shall take over the responsibilities of the President in his/her absence and s(he) shall carry out any other responsibility delegated by the President.

Section 5:   The Secretary shall prepare agendas of meetings. The Secretary shall record minutes of all meetings and s(he) shall distribute the minutes to all members and officers by the next meeting. The Secretary is responsible for the club's records and correspondence and s(he) shall be in charge of notifying members and officers of dates and times of meetings. The Secretary shall fulfill any othe responsibility delegated by the President or the executive board.

Section 6:   The Treasurer shall take charge of all the organization's funds. The Treasurer shall keep and maintain accurate records of receipts of income and disbursements. Other responsibilities of this office include preparing a budget with the executive board at the beginning of the fall semester, preparing and presenting a financial report when deemed necessary by the executive board, collecting membership fees, and doing whatever task is assigned by the President. The Treasurer heads all fundraising activities.

Section 7:   The Public Relations Officer shall be responsible for all publicity work necessary to promote andpublicize club activities and programs. The Public Relations Officer chairs the public relations committee and will carry out any other responsibility assigned by the President.


Section 1:   Meetings shall be held once a month.

Section 2:   Special meetings may be called by the President.

Section 3:   Attendance at each meeting is strongly encouraged.

Section 4:   Quorum for voting shall all consist of fifty percent (50%) of the membership.

Parliamentary Procedures

Section 1:   Robert's Rules of Order shall be used in all meetings.


Section 1:   Amendments to this constitution shall be submitted in writing to any of the organization's officers two (2) weeks before presenting such amendments to the general membership for voting.

Section 2:   Any amendement to this constitution shall require a simple majority vote of the membership present at a regular monthly meeting.

Enacting Clause

Section 1:   This constitution becomes effective as soon as it has been filed with and registered by the Coordinator of Student Activities and approved by the Provost of Kauai Community Colege.