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Welcome to the University Center at Kaua'i Community College. We are here to provide access to higher education for the people of Kaua`i. We coordinate courses and programs offered at other Hawaii campuses that will enable the people of Kaua`i to obtain a degree or certificate that can improve quality of life. The Center brings in 4-year and graduate programs from University of Hawai'i campuses in Hilo, Manoa, and West Oahu. These programs offer you the advantage of living on Kaua'i , and save the expense of relocating. The Center programs are built on the solid foundation of Kaua'i Community College freshman and sophomore year courses. This foundation allows you to fill the prerequisite requirements for upper division programs while you attend Kaua'i Community College. Based on financial need, you may be eligible for federal financial grants or low-interest loans. The Center helps coordinate distance-delivered courses between Kaua'i Community College and other community colleges in the UH system so the people of Kaua`i will have more educational options. While most students prefer to meet their teacher and classmates in the classroom, more and more students are using courses delivered through cable television, the Internet, and interactive television because these courses fit their busy schedules. Please contact us to see if we can help you identify and meet your educational objectives. Our phone number is (808) 245-8330 and our E-mail address is uckauai@hawaii.edu.

University Center Director

Ramona Kincaid

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